DIALOOG is a community that aims to create an informal environment where people are free to wrestle together through life's questions and challenges.


We believe that the church and South Africa as a whole need a healthy culture of conversation. The DIALOOG forums provide opportunities for people to voice their questions and opinions.


Our hope is that through DIALOOG we can move closer to each other and the truth.


We meet every Sunday at 18h00 at Cafe Zing, Menlyn Corporate Park. This is our main event of the week. We primarily have talks done by our resident speakers Johan Erasmus and Roedolf Botha. Each meeting is followed by an interactive discussion over coffee. Sceptics and visitors are welcome!



Each year we work together with other ministries to bring international speakers to South Africa with the aim of addressing specific apologetic topics. We host debates, lectures and workshops at universities and churches across the country.


Some of the speakers we’ve hosted in the past include Prof. John Lennox, William Lane Craig, Mike Licona and Michael Ramsden.


We also try to equip the local church by making our pastors available to speak at other events to address a variety of apologetic questions.


This website provides a number of articles and audio files that cover numerous topics and the ‘major’ questions. We also invite anyone who has unanswered questions about the Christian faith to send us an email to info@dialoog.co.za.


We meet every Sunday at 18h00 at StorySpace in Hatfield, 525 Jan Shoba/Duncan Street. We invite regulars to engage in the conversations and to grow in their faith through the consideration and application of biblical truths.

The way we connect with one another and get a little deeper on the spiritual side is through weekly cell group meetings. They are hosted on weeknights for two hours at people’s houses and consist of bible-study, group discussion and prayer.


We host monthly worship nights where the cell groups come together to have communion and worship God together though singing, silence and prayer.

Our DIALOOG family is big into having fun together - we do everything from climbing to camping to quiz-nights.




As people decide to commit to DIALOOG as their local church we encourage each person to get involved with organising and facilitating the various facets of our church.


DIALOOG has been in relationship with Tabernacle Church and School in Tembisa since we started four years ago. We as a community go to lengths to help them with various projects that involve uplifting the under-privaledged. People who join DIALOOG are invited to partake in projects by doing things like giving extra classes to high-school learners, giving money to equip feeding schemes and giving time to mentor youth.

Here are our banking details for those who want to contribute financially to Dialoog:



ABSA Menlyn

Branch:  632 005

Cheque Acc.:  407 746 9348

"Dialoog is a community of both Christians and seekers in Pretoria and one of the most unique settings at which I've had the privilege of speaking. The environment is warm, respectful and collegial. It is one in which both Christians and sceptics are challenged to grow as thinkers. Dialoog is not afraid to engage with culture and is a wonderful example of Acts 17 lived out in the modern world. Under the leadership of Roedolf and Johan I can say without hesitation that Dialoog is a church for a new generation. If I lived in Pretoria, Dialoog is where I would be on Sunday evenings!"

  Mike Licona

Dialogue is not simply an exchange of ideas. In some way it is an "exchange of gifts." There is a close relationship between prayer and dialogue. Deeper and more conscious prayer makes dialogue more fruitful. If on the one hand dialogue depends on prayer, so, in another sense, prayer also becomes the ever more mature fruit of dialogue.


 - Pope John Paul II